Push pull fan

Push pull fan

The fan is mainly composed of blades, motor, outer frame, guard net, support frame, louver and other components. The motor drives the blades to generate air flow. The movable louver type can be equipped with a louver which can be opened automatically after the start-up and closed automatically when the machine is stopped according to the user’s needs, so as to prevent the entry of outdoor dust, foreign matters, etc., as well as the impact of rain, snow and strong wind.

product features


The unique push-pull opening mechanism ensures that the shutters can be opened and closed freely; The push-pull opening device is made of high-strength nylon, 100% raw material, high strength and long service life; Double row double sealed bearings, waterproof design, high strength, low noise, maintenance-free, and long service life; The stainless steel blade formed by Krupp one-time stamping is not broken, deformed, beautiful and durable; The whole set of fan blades is checked and calibrated by high-precision dynamic balance to ensure smooth operation of the fan without vibration, reduce noise, and effectively increase service life The unique recessed fan handling handle design can effectively avoid the inconvenience during loading, unloading and handling, and will not affect the installation and appearance of the fan. Equipped with national standard high-efficiency energy-saving motors, passed the national 3C certification, protection class IP55, insulation class F.
  • Fan blade

    Fan blades are stamped and formed from Krupp stainless steel, dust-free, beautiful and durable. The special blade shape design ensures that the air volume is large, not deformed or broken, and all ways of making the air volume the same.

  • Brand motor

    High-performance fan-specific motors can be customized according to customer needs voltage and frequency; pass 3C certification, protection level: IP55, insulation level: F level, there are domestic motors and imported motors for customers to choose to use.

  • Fan pulley

    The fan pulley is made of high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, reducing weight, the impeller blades are complete, and high corrosion resistance. Reinforced rib design. Eliminate internal stress, improve its own rigidity and stability, will not break.

  • Fan bearing

    The fan bearing adopts the special waterproof design of the double row bearing, and water cannot enter. High strength, low noise, maintenance-free and long service life.

  • Open structure

    The sliding mechanism can fully open the blinds, ensuring minimum air resistance and maximum air volume. When closed, it can effectively prevent wind, rain and dust.

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