Cowshed fan

Cowshed fan

Large cube series high-grade fan is mainly composed of wind blade, motor, outer frame, protective net, support frame, etc. it is developed by our company’s technical personnel based on aerodynamics, which effectively reduces the wind resistance coefficient and optimizes the overall performance of the equipment.

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The world's first plastic double-layer hollow frame with long service life, corrosion resistance, and no rust. The biggest advantage is insulation. The blade is made of Krupp 430 stainless steel, with a diameter of 1 meter, small air resistance, no rust and corrosion resistance. The fan blades are calibrated by an advanced computer dynamic balance tester to make the fan run smoothly, reduce noise, enhance stability, and extend service life. The aluminum shell copper core motor has good heat dissipation, stable performance and long service life. Protection grade IP55, insulation grade F.

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