Production technology of animal husbandry fan

The animal husbandry fan is widely used in poultry house, pigsty and other breeding places, so how about the production technology of animal husbandry fan? Today, I’d like to give you a brief introduction, hoping to help you.

The fans are all made of stainless steel fan blades with large air volume, no deformation, no fracture, beautiful and durable. The belt adopts the automatic belt tension device to make the belt not loose or lose the high-strength aluminum magnesium alloy multi stiffened belt pulley, which is sandblasted to improve the aesthetics, eliminate the internal stress and effectively improve its own strength; The bearing imported from France has high strength, low noise and long service life.

The fan is mainly composed of blades, motor, outer frame, guard net, support frame, louver and other components. The motor drives the blades to generate air flow. The movable louver type can be equipped according to the user’s needs. After the start of the machine, the louver can be opened automatically. When the machine is stopped, the louver will be closed automatically to prevent the entry of outdoor dust, foreign matters, etc., and also to avoid the impact of rain, snow and back wind.

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